Doorway in Space

I had an incredible experience this morning!

Getting back into the car after running my dog, Bailey Wolf, I remembered that I needed to call my brother, Randy.  I decided, instead, to stop at his office on my way home.  This idea seemed perfectly natural to me, until my logical mind said, “But he’s thousands of miles away!”

The feeling that came over me next was so amazing.  I felt that if my mind had not disrupted me, that I actually could have, and would have, met up with Randy at his office.  I felt that a part of me knew how to make this quantum leap from my geographic space to his.

But then that logical mind burst that bubble and brought me back down to my everyday reality within my constricting belief systems.  “You can’t see Randy right now.  He’s NOT next door.”  And yet it seemed it had everything to do with him being next door.

door-Portal-2I just have to open that doorway in space, like finding a slit in the grid that is not quite visible, yet it’s there.  Right here.  Right now.  So easy to find and open.  Once done the first time, I could do it again in a snap.  But here I am feeling perplexed.  Like I just missed out on something so profound, so real. I missed finding the doorway.  It’s the art of the quantum leap . . . from here to there . . . in an instant!

What I felt at that moment was the beginning of what we are all evolving into . . . beings who can truly transport ourselves using thought and intention.  I truly believe it is coming!  When?  I can’t answer that.  All that truly exists is this moment. NOW. Everything else (past and future) is memory, desire, and illusion.

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