EGO, move aside! There’s a healing happening

Ego, please help me, don’t hinder!

EGO is a tool for our personal development. It is what gives us personal identity and, if kindled with loving tenderness, leads us to strong, healthy self-love and self-esteem.   Our ego gives us a point of perspective within self, it gives us the belief in “self”.  In meditation, we  experience ego as our window to duality.  It is what creates our vision of black and white, good and bad, right and wrong.  Ego is what creates JUDGEMENT – judgement of ourselves and others.

Without ego we would be self-less.  We would have no judgement. We would not see our self as SELF! That may sound weird, but without ego, we would understand ourselves as beings of energy, light, and love. We would understand our individual physical form, with mind and emotions, as an immense gift — A gift that allows us to create, to dance, and to play in our magnificence with all other “beings of light” (also appearing in physical form).


Peonies are my favorite flowers!

Why do I bring up the subject of EGO?  The ego self, and its effects on energetic healing, fascinates me.  Working with healing energies for self-healing is truly amazing.  I find I am willing to accept whatever is taking place as divine beings work on my etheric bodies, chakras, etc. My ego doesn’t seem to get in the way. However, if I am working on another person, there are times when my ego thinks, “What if my client isn’t feeling or sensing anything happening?  What if he/she is disappointed? Blah blah blah . . . ?”   Essentially, the ego is attempting to drag down ones self-esteem.

Hearing such words within, I (hopefully) allow them to float away.  Healing is NOT something which “the personal-self” or “the ego-self” has control over.  Instead, we are simply allowing our bodies to be channels for pure divine energies to move through and connect to others.

silouhette-ChakrasOur physical form plays an important role in this process.  It acts as a powerful conductor and conduit for the healing taking place.  The movement of a hand, a light touch, a tone vibrated through our vocal cords, or a color, symbol, or word floating through our intuitive mind, all play an important part in this divine process.  Again, the personal-self or ego-self has nothing to do with the healing process!  The client/patient will receive whatever is appropriate.  All that is necessary of the healer is a purity and innocence of heart, and the intent to be a pure channel for the transmission of love, light, and healing energies. The healer refrains from all judgement!

I hope you will consider following this example in all areas of life, not just for the purpose of healing.  Ask your ego to kindly move aside, as you INTEND to see your world without judgement, but instead, as a world of unique and extraordinary diversities — A world where we can allow differences to exist, simply because we have no judgement, no duality thinking!  Without judgement we will truly begin to see each other as being of light.

I am offering us this OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE OURSELVES and change our world . . . one self at a time . . . with loving light!

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