Specialty Sessions

The following can be worked into your session:

  • Pre-Op Surgery: Clearing of the Operating Room and completion of your surgery. Performed with surgeon and anesthesiologist “present in the etheric realm” prior to your actual surgery. My clients report “text-book” surgery results.
  • Grief Clearing: Releasing of sadness from loss of loved ones, so you can move on with your life. Clients report a total change, lightness of being, ability to move on.  Divorce, death of a loved one, etc. can keep us stuck in grief beyond its natural cycle.  Grief Clearing is very powerful, and brings relief and understanding.


Grief Clearing begins with the scanning of your energy fields, then moving thru and releasing the stagnant and stuck energies in your physical/ emotional/ mental/ spiritual fields. We then call in and connect with the higher consciousness of the one triggering your grief (whether living or in spirit).  After I make a strong enough connection, I describe the personality of the one called so you know the connection is there. That consciousness then explains things from their perspective or perceptions.

This process surprisingly brings us great relief and understanding, allowing us to move forward on our path.  The Grief Clearing outcome is intriguing, inspiring, and fulfilling!

silhouetted hands


Just a quick thank you again for your long distance work on myself.  Thank you SO much for sharing with me today.  My Aunt was coming through loud and clear.  And, many things you shared were right on.  About a half hour after we spoke, we had a “freak” 5 minute rain shower and when that passed through the area, the sun came out and a very bright, beautiful rainbow appeared over the trees and towards downtown Madison.  I knew then, that my Aunt had made it to the other side.
Suzi, Wisconsin

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