Links of Interest

★ Beacons of Light  – Monthly channeling from “The Group” with Steve Rother

★ Think With Your Heart  – Channeling to contemplate from the “Pleiadian High Council” by Lauren Gorgo

★ Orin & DaBen ~ Creating Money & Attracting Abundance  – A Powerful yet inexpensive download to change your life.  A Wide variety of downloads available.  I love this site!

Alex Grey ~ Sacred Mirrors Gallery  – View the amazing work of artist Alex Grey!

Greg Braden  – A scientist, visionary and scholar.

Empowering Womens Wisdom  – Dr Christiane Northrup

Soap Hope – 100% profit for luxurious skin products goes to help woman of poverty and their communities!

Crystal Tones® Crystal Singing Bowls – Beautiful selection of crystal and precious metal bowls.

Bodhisattva Trading Company –  I purchased my Tibetan Singing Bowl and Tingsha set at their Los Angeles shop.

Healing Music – A list with LINKS to musicians who produce gentle and relaxing music. Listen to samples of their work.

Matrix Energetics – The Quantum Field at your fingertips!

Feng Shui space clearing with Karen Kingston – Karen now offers online Clutter Clearing courses.  Check her out!

EMF Universal Calibration Lattice: 3D Animation – Short video of our energetic anatomy from a very different perspective.  Worth viewing!

The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing – Master Stephen Co offers Pranic Healing workshops in El Paso and around the country.

Sacred Healing Light – Suzanne Dann has a magnificent site for Online Distance Learning at great prices. Her attunements are wonderful! She also offers workshops in her home in Sedona.

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