New Perceptions on Responsibility

One day, while performing a healing session on a client, I was given a divine message I found quite peculiar.  I was told that [her divine guides] were helping her take on GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES, and that she would enjoy this…  I was stunned!  I thought, “Humans don’t normally enjoy taking on MORE responsibility. How could this be fun?”

door-portal-xThe answer I was given:
“When we say we are helping you take on greater responsibilities, this is what we mean:  We are helping you move fully into your PASSIONS!  Your passions are your JOYS, your unique GIFTS!

“When you move fully into your passions (your unique gifts), you love what you do!  It is easy to delve into learning more about it, practicing it, becoming an expert at it!  The moving fully into it (the passion) is the responsibility!  Do you understand?

Finding your passion is your responsi-bility.  When it is found, you are lifted in JOY.  You over-flow with excitement and love.  The natural result is the desire to share your passion with others!  It is this sharing of your ideas and talent… fruits of your labor… that is your true service to self and humanity! That is GREATER RESPONSIBILITY!  Do what you love and the responsibility is easy.

When we think responsibility, we tend to think of the hard drudge that we don’t want to do, but have to do.  But this is not so.  Flip this perception into a knowing that true responsibility is simply moving into joy, and then sharing it with others.

It is our responsibility to discover our PASSIONS… what brings us JOY… what really tickles our fancy!  When we discover what this is, we find ourselves so consumed with curiosity and delight in this process of discovery, we begin to research it, learn about it, draw it to us, and practice/ practice / practice it… until we get better and better at what we love DOING, what we love BECOMING, what we love BEING!  (For truly when we are consumed in this process, we collapse the time-line and are consumed in the NOW, in our BEING-NESS).


Our JOY at the discovery of our passions, creates a process of “over-flow”. Our discovery is so delightful;  we can’t help but over-flow with giving!  Giving of our selves / our knowledge / our unique abilities to others! The ah-hah moment in this process is the discovery that this responsibility of moving into our passions is our TRUE SERVICE to others… it is our GIFT to others… our SHARING with others!

Know that the sharing doesn’t even have to be on the physical level.  The sharing is just being YOU, being your unique self, standing in your authenticity, standing in your power!

The vibrational shift we create thru this BEING-NESS powerfully changes our humanity and our planet.  It happens without struggle. It happens by default of the “critical mass” of consciousness.  So, grab hold of your responsibility with gusto… and BECOME our world reality transformed… with great ease, grace, and joy!

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