Purchase Sessions & Classes

If you haven’t already set up your appointment, please call me at 915-227-2604. I am located on the west side of El Paso, Texas.  I look forward to our session together!


Although I keep my prices low (allowing greater affordability),
my healing work is of the highest quality!

❖ In-Person Energy Healing session ❖
❖ In-Person Energy Healing session ❖
❖ In-Person Student Rate session ❖
❖ In-Person Student Rate session ❖
❖ Distance Healing ❖
❖ Distance Healing ❖
Includes a Digital Voice Recording to listen to at your leisure plus After-Session Notes which are emailed within 24 hours after your session.
❖ Other needs as agreed ❖
❖ Other needs as agreed ❖

Below is a list of COURSES I offer at very reasonable prices

** None are being offered at this time. Check back in 2017…
Note: *DACC classes must be paid thru their online registration process. 

*Want a specific class?  Gather a few people together for it and I will offer it!  Contact Connie for further info.

 Energy Healing Workshop 
6 hours   $35


Develop Your Sensitivity to Aura Bodies  
5 hrs $25


❖ Energy Tools to Clear & Protect your Aura Field  
2.5 – 3 hrs $15


❖ COURAGE in the face of FEAR and ANXIETY ❖
2.5  hrs $15

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