Taking Quantum Leaps into your Higher State of Being

You can move into higher consciousness and bring balance and harmony into your life on your own, however, having an alternative healer help you move into that state quicker can be a much more enjoyable experience! The process of energy work is very subtle yet profound!

Using my unique talents and gifts, I can release all that stuck stuff from your etheric light form, cleanse it, balance it, and expand it with high frequency vibrations. And I will bring the masculine and feminine within you into balance as well.

But I do so much more than this. I am able to read your chakras and energy fields, and give you info about your essence that is very affirming, self-assuring, and exciting to know. I will teach you what your conscious state needs to understand for your own personal growth on your path into the light.

If you are stuck in grief I can move you thru this very quickly during the session. Your life will change. You will be able to move on with your purpose and your joys.

At the end of your session you will feel so different and so deeply relaxed! You will continue to calibrate your new frequencies over the following few days. You will begin to notice a change in your perceptions. You will notice that you view your world differently, that you handle difficulties with a new awareness.

We are all evolving very quickly now. If you want help taking quantum leaps into your higher state of being, please check out my site www.LightbdyTailor.com and text me at 915-227-2604 to set up your phone or in-person consultation..

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