Phase 2 ~ Aura Field Detox & Recalibration

Scans, flushes, fills, and expands your energy fields and whole body system.  Deeply relaxing, this is a beautiful technique that works on your whole being.

This amazing technique, which was downloaded by my Divine Masters, strengthens your Divine connection, vastly expands your aura, and brings your whole being into “synchronicity”.  The process ends with you in a state of deep relaxation …somtimes experienced as an out-of-body or transcendent experience. After this session you will begin to perceive your world differently!

A scan is carried out on the left and right sides of your body.  An intuitive reading is given during this process, affirming (or revealing) your strengths and beauty within.

blue gemOld energies (including genetic programming and past-life traumas) that are no longer appropriate to your growth and expansion into higher awareness are flushed out. Those old energies are then replaced with higher vibrational frequencies.  And your connection to Higher Consciousness, our Earth, and Divine Source are strengthened substantially.

Your session will complete with a final adjustment of the energies, and Divine GIFTS of LIGHT to stabilize your whole being.  The outcome will be higher perceptions and synchronicity with life.

…. I am very thankful to you for your help, healing and advice. You are the most amazing healer I have ever worked with.
Love and regards,
A.T., Santa Clara, CA

Connie, I was very depressed. I could barely walk or do anything.  Last Saturday [after the distance session] I felt strong, alert and full of life. During the last two months my sister and I were struggling with this depression and lack of energy.  I hope that her session with you will be as good as it was for me. I appreciate your work very much.
[From a later note] ….At the first time I don’t understand the word regret. But yes I have many thing that I feel sorry about. I need to accept some things that happened and I can’t do anything about it.
You are really good.  My sister and I are talking about do a session every two month.
A.R.U. Tampa Florida

Wow Connie, this [after session write-up] is wonderful! It is really unique. Can’t wait to read it again later after work to really focus on it. Thanks so much. It’s more than I expected…[later]…….That cord you removed from the back of my heart – Usually I have a slightly sore spot on my spine right there by my heart and had been wondering why. Just noticed it is gone. Maybe it was the cord…  Wow.. nice! :))
Thanks again!
Jen, Tijuana, Mexico

Thanks so much! Whatever you did took my sales job from stagnant and boring to suddenly having a burst of high commission sales! Plus my website (where I sell other stuff) has now been sending me “You’ve got Money” messages!
Anna, San Diego, CA

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