UFO Sighting

This was the most beautiful and profound object I have ever seen in our sky!

El Paso, Texas – May 17, 2009
Numerous sightings of a diamond or kite shaped UFO have been sighted around the country.  Sunday night I saw something similar in the night sky of El Paso, TX quite close to the mountain (around 8PM MST) where I live. I was out walking the dog when I saw a very large bright white light in the sky. Although it was some distance away, it was close enough for me to make out a large triangular-kite shaped object.

125-central-spiralI hurried home for my binoculars. Thru the binoculars I saw a 3-D kite or diamond shaped object, but each of the four “points” were “squared off”. At the two kite “shoulders” were geometric shaped lights. They stuck out a bit from the surface. Although the whole object gave off a bright white light, these two lights were separate lights, and a bit duller (different).

My husband, Dan, was putting together the tripod for a picture of it when I resumed on my dog walk again. It’s about 10 minutes later when I notice the object giving off a red light (and possibly other hues). Soon after, I could no longer see it, but thought maybe trees were blocking the view.

I hurried around the block back home. It was definitely gone from the spot I had seen it. Dan said It suddenly “faded” out of site before he was able to get a picture.  Dan sees and points out strange objects in our sky quite often. But this was the most beautiful and profound shaped object I have ever seen in our sky!

The 10PM local news reported many people in El Paso saw this diamond shaped object, shining white/red.  According to the news channel, local authorities say it was nothing more than a weather balloon!  Of course, it did not look like a weather balloon, but “weather balloon” is a typical excuse our government uses for any UFO.

I browsed the internet the next day to see if there is such a thing as a weather balloon of similar shape and appearance that gives of light.  I found nothing. However, there was an explanation that it is possible for a weather balloon to appear to give off light, after sundown, if the sun is at an angle to light up the balloon.   Weather balloons do not have to have lights because they get sent very high into the atmosphere, far above jet streams.

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