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Private Sessions Available in El Paso & Las Cruces
Distance Healing Sessions are Recorded

Custom Tailoring Your Sacred Body
in the Borderlands of El Paso and Las Cruces

Etheric Templates
Energy Fields / Aura Bodies
Using Color, Light, Sound, Mudras, & Vibrations
Chakra and Aura Body Manipulation
Cleansing, Clearing, Anchoring
Balancing and Energizing
DNA progression

Specialty Sessions

Grief Clearing (with loved ones in this realm and beyond)
Career Building (improve Sales, Charisma, Advancement)
Pre-Op Surgery (self/surgeon/anesthesiologist/hospital room clearing)
Release of Genetic Programming (Inherited Patterns)
Release of Current & Past-Life Traumas, Beliefs

Each session is a profound and unique experience!

Lightbody Tailoring offers dramatic transformations of your spiritual body structure, which in turn affects you on the physical, emotional and mental planes.
…get ready to take quantum leaps in your spiritual evolution…

logoLocations by Appointment
West El Paso at LIGHT ANNEX  894 Gato Rd, 79932
Las Cruces at TESORO 1605 S Main St, 88001

For Info & Appointments call Connie at 915-227-2604

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Making an appointment with the Lightbody Tailor is an invitation into my playground!  It is an atmosphere of laughter, joy, security, safety… and new awareness! You will learn much, because I teach while I work, and I explain what I notice in your aura.

CSR-12-2013This healing work takes you to a state of very deep relaxation. The session allows you the freedom and opportunity to release and let go of all that no longer serves you and your highest good. You will have this release in a very gentle, easy manner. Following this, I will fill your aura body with high frequency light, joy, and love.

Some of the Processes during a session:
When I work on your aura-light-energy body, I manipulate the chakras (energy vortexes) by gently extending and expanding them. This allows the chakras to know at a deep level that they are capable of profound growth and transformation!

I tenderly coax free your emotional traumas and buried memories, stuck habitual patterns, and old destructive genetic patterns. I then dissolve those traumas and stuck parts. Those spaces (or voids) remaining from these releases are then filled with high frequency light and new perceptions on life. You will also receive a download of divine wisdom into your brain, which is revealed to you in “little packets” of knowing.  Your DNA will be “upgraded” to help you move quickly into your highest potentials.

Session Results:
The result is transformation of your energy body, giving you a feeling of “lightness of being”. Your energy system with be flowing, grounded, and in harmony and balance. You will feel different! Hopefully exuberant!

*Every session is a unique experience.

Song credit ~ Where Eagles Pass ~ from Flute Dreams by Alice Gomez


[Regarding] the fantastic [distance] healing session …………. As I was reading it, I too, got hot and tingly………… Gotta tell you, that bit about the wings growing out of my shoulders that you didn’t understand…… For about 10 days prior, I began suffering from terrible back pain, the top of my back, my neck and the top of my shoulders. In fact, on Tuesday morning it was agony, and I was seriously considering going to the doctor, nothing relieved it. I went to work and put it aside……….and it wasn’t until I read your report that it dawned on me that the pain had stopped completely……………

…..I have been working hard and have been feeling the benefits, but after this last session with you, it’s been elevated a thousand fold………… And today, for the first time ever and with the conviction of every cell in my body, of every energy of every vibration…………I can truly feel that I am part of the whole, of the divine, I am accompanied every step of the way, I am not alone, and this is not just in moments, this feeling is there with every breath I take.

…..your description of my changing DNA sent shivers down my spine……… So, when I read what you said about removing the old  [beliefs and habits] to make room for the new [perceptions], I felt that it really is working, that those past registers are being replaced by new ones……

…..you tie all loose strings together, you “seal the deal”  I KNOW it’s always ongoing work, but you somehow seal closure on one stage allowing for the next to begin……….
A.C., Mexico City, Sept 2011